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While Washingtonians Work To Prevent Gun Violence, Gun Lobby Opponents Strategize In DC

SEATTLE, WA – Yesterday, Phil Watson, chair of Save Our Security (No on 1639), joined Beltway insiders, think tank strategizers, and others at the Tea Party Patriots Action Conference in Washington, D.C. to discuss plans to oppose Initiative 1639 and block the desires of Washington voters. At the same time the Edmonds City Council and King County Council were reflecting the will of Washingtonians by moving forward with responsible gun laws.

“Yesterday people all across Washington were working  to save lives in our state,” said Stephen Paolini, Campaign Manager for Yes on 1639: Safe Schools, Safe Communities. “While Washingtonians like me were hard at work, the gun lobbyists leading the opposition to Initiative 1639 were in the other Washington, strategizing with DC insiders, rubbing elbows with big-wigs like Ted Cruz, and talking about how to stop safer gun laws here. Maybe if they spent a little more time here, listening to the people of Washington, they’d understand that we’re ready to take action to make our state, our schools, and our communities safer from the terror of gun violence.”

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