Individual Endorsements

Maralyn Chase, State Senator, 32nd LD

Mona Das, State Senate Candidate, 47th LD

Laurie Dolan, State Representative, 22nd LD

Beth Doglio, State Representative, 22nd LD

Drew Hansen, State Representative, 23rd LD

Jake Fey, State Representative, 27th LD

Joe Fitzgibbon, State Representative, 34th LD

Connie FitzPatrick, State House of Representatives Candidate 26th LD, Position 1

Mia Gregerson, State Representative, 33rd LD

Karen Keiser, State Senator, 33rd LD

Shelley Kloba, State Representative, 1st LD

Nicole Macri, State Representative, 43rd LD

Raymond Miller, President & CEO, Vets Place Northwest

Kay Murano, State House of Representatives Candidate 6th LD, Position 1

Jamie Pedersen, State Senator, 43rd LD

Gerry Pollet, State Representative, 46th LD

Dan Popp, School Board Director, Snoqualmie Valley School District

Bill Ramos, State House of Representatives Candidate 5th LD, Position 1

Christopher Roberts, City of Shoreline Councilmember

Tana Senn, State Representative, 41st LD

Larry Springer, State Representative, 45th LD

Derek Stanford, State Representative, 1st LD

Amy Walen, Mayor of Kirkland

Titles for identification purposes only

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