The Petitions are (Finally) Here!

We just got our first batch of petitions hot off the press! As we launch the shortest signature gathering drive in Washington State history, volunteers are urgently needed statewide at farmers markets, ferries, stores, and events. Eighty percent of our signatures will come from our volunteers who gather at public locations. We will provide all the training, materials and good locations for you to have a successful first shift.

How do I sign up for a shift?

Give us a call at (206) 718-3529 or email us at info@yeson1639.org and we’ll get you signed up.

How do I get petitions?

Today we are driving petition packets to Tacoma, Mount Vernon, Edmonds, Everett, Bellingham, Vancouver, Spokane and beyond! If you sign up for a signature-gathering shift, we will send details about where the distribution location is in your city.

How do I gather signatures effectively?

Once you sign up to gather, we’ll send you a link to our signature-gathering training video so that you can learn our tried and true signature gathering tips. When in doubt, just be sure have all your materials, ask everyone if they have signed yet, spend no more than 15 seconds with one person, and have fun! If you’re getting at least 25 signature an hour, you’re doing great.

What if I want to just gather from my friends and family?

Contact us and we’ll mail you a starter packet which has three petitions (room for 60 signatures total).

When should I return my filled petitions?

Every Monday, please mail any petitions with five or more signatures. With a short timeline like this one, it’s absolutely critical that we have a current and accurate count. You can mail your petitions to the PO Box listed on the petition. We will also have drop off points in many cities on Sundays or Mondays. Our organizers will let you know about these locations after you sign up for a shift.

Thanks for helping to launch this amazing effort for our children and our communities!

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