Field Notes – Week Three!

Wow, we had another incredible week with 17,716 signatures submitted since last Friday, bringing our volunteer total to 44,000+ signatures!

With only THREE more days to hit our volunteer goal of 50,000 signatures, we must double down our efforts. Four days is an extremely small window of time to gather the remaining signatures, but our recent efforts show that our volunteer force has the will and the talent to produce an incredible number of signatures QUICKLY.  It’s amazing to think that it was just three weeks ago that our first batch of petitions was printed.

So help us sprint across the finish line and make every volunteer’s minute dedicated to I-1639 pay off.  Just 6,000 more signatures and we’ll be on the November ballot giving Washingtonians a chance to vote for these commonsense gun laws.

Please sign up for a shift by contacting us today!

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