Field Notes – Week One!

Our kick-off weekend was a huge success!

Thanks to our absolutely unstoppable volunteers, we gathered 9,000+ signatures in just six days. Our top 10 gatherers alone got over 3,000 signatures — whoa! We cannot thank all our volunteers enough, especially those who hit the streets, clipboards in hand, and gathered thousands of signatures all over Washington.

The best part is: we’re just getting started. This weekend we have one of our biggest signature gathering events at the Fremont Fair & Fremont Solstice Parade in Seattle. We’ll have an onsite headquarters where you can get trained, get shifted, and get all your materials. It’s  going to a great weekend of sun, good food, and civic engagement as we celebrate the Summer (Signature) Solstice!

We also have heaps of other fun events planned throughout the state. We’ll be at every Farmers Market, as many ferry routes as possible, and covering grocery stores in your city. Is there a good spot near you? Contact us to see what we have going on in your neighborhood!

Finally, if you had a chance to gather signatures this past weekend, please mail them back to us in a business-sized envelope (fold petitions twice to fit into the envelope). You can find the address on the back of the petitions:

  • 1-2 petition = 1 stamp
  • 3 – 5 petitions = 2 stamps
  • 6 petitions = 3 stamps

With such a short timeline (25 days!), it’s critical that we keep up with counting and processing all these signatures.

Together, we’re making sure Washington voters have the opportunity to vote for responsible gun laws in November. 

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